My technology articles

Here is a partial list of online and magazine articles that I have written.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to see any additional articles or if you have any questions.  Enjoy!

High-Tech Hotels Offer Convenience and Luxury, ABC News

Spotlight on Software: Anti-virus programs, TechEdge Magazine

Asoka PlugLink Product Review, PC Upgrade Magazine

Body Area Networks: Information at Your Fingertips, Laptop Magazine

Case Study: Aureole Las Vegas, Laptop Magazine

Caveo Anti-Theft PC Card Review, Laptop Magazine

Convergence Devices, TechEdge Magazine

Cutting Loose - November 2002, Laptop Magazine

Cutting Loose - October 2002, Laptop Magazine

Spotlight on Software: Data Security Software, TechEdge Magazine

SOHO: Data Security Techniques, PC Upgrade Magazine

Digital Video Camcorders: Over $1500, Techworthy Buyer's Guide

Digital Video Camcorder: Under $1500, Techworthy Buyer's Guide

Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.0 Review, PC Upgrade Magazine

E-Mail Hoaxes: Think Before You Send, TechEdge Magazine

Getting in Sync, TechEdge Magazine

High-Tech Hotels, Laptop Magazine

Keeping Up With the Jetsons: A Home Automation Update, PC Upgrade Magazine

How Broadband Works, TechEdge Magazine

How E-Mail Works, TechEdge Magazine

How SSL Works, TechEdge Magazine

It's a phone, it's a PDA, it's a camera..., Computer User Magazine

Mobile Messaging: It's Now a Two-Way Street, Laptop Magazine

PC Expo/TechXNY Report: Part One, TechNews Magazine

PC Expo/TechXNY Report: Part Two, TechNews Magazine

PC Expo/TechXNY Report: Part Three, TechNews Magazine

PDA/Phone Round-Up, Computer User Magazine

Photo Printers Review, Techworthy Buyer's Guide

Satellite Radio Begins To Fly, TechNews Magazine

UltraPortable Computing: Ruggedized PDAs, Laptop Magazine

Veo Mobile Connect Camera Review, Laptop Magazine

Videoconferencing Cameras, Techworthy Buyer's Guide

Watching Your Kids From Space, TechNews Magazine

Web Wherever You Go, TechNews Magazine

Wireless Access Points, Techworthy Buyer's Guide

Wireless Add-Ons, Techworthy Buyer's Guide

Wireless Devices, Techworthy Buyer's Guide

Wireless LAN PC Cards, Techworthy Buyer's Guide

Wireless Modem Cards, Techworthy Buyer's Guide